See what others are saying about Better Choices Wellness and our founder/president:

Sara S.

“I sought wellness coaching with Debbie to help make a career transition from registered nurse to nurse practitioner.  Debbie helped me to improve my personal communication skills and to build confidence in my new professional role. I learned new ways to approach change and conflict and appreciated her perspective with a nursing background. She was very skillful at drawing a connection from my words and actions to my values and reflecting this back to me. Through her coaching, I grew more confident in being authentic with myself and others.

“The result has been more personal and professional growth than I had expected! I’m very grateful for her expertise and would recommend Debbie to anyone looking to make effective, positive changes.”

Kathleen W.

“I am a Duke-trained integrative health coach. I was away from the work for several years at an unrelated job, and when I had the very welcomed opportunity to return to a coaching health job, I was worried that my skills had gotten rusty. I arranged for 3 mentoring sessions with Debbie, to help me retrieve the coaching model and skills, and to reestablish my confidence.

“Debbie’s mentoring and coaching are seamlessly present, attentive, and affirming. Her seamless and lively interest in me, conveyed through skillful inquiry, reflection, and listening, create the space for me to fruitfully explore my inner terrain of intention and confidently map my path forward. During my original 3-month engagement with Debbie to jump-start my return to coaching I experienced how nurturing skillful coaching is of my growth and development, and I’ve opted to provide myself the support of an ongoing process with her.

“Without doubt, Debbie’s coaching and mentoring demonstrate the power of skilled and presence-based coaching to support progress toward our most heart-felt aspirations. In our current world of stresses on every level, I am also aware of the necessity of this kind of support.”

India O.

“Debbie gently leads you to your roadblocks, helps you see them for what they are and helps you discover the path around them. Whether you are focusing on health, emotional well-being, organization, or life changes she helps you discover tools that can help. She has helped me find tools to simplify and organize my work and living space-tools I use over and over again on various projects. She’s helped me overcome the nurse tendency in me that helps others before self, leading to a more fulfilling life. She guided a major life transition and helped me find the resources inside myself for peace and calm with my decision. Her skill at listening and guiding the conversation to help you discover your inner strength are amazing and I find my time with her value added, insightful and rewarding.”

Cherri S.

“Debbie’s professional experience and education in the field of nursing in addition to her past career responsibilities which were broad and required a highly motivated, organized, and thoughtful person unfolded in her coaching style. She comes to the table to help you reach your health goals. She is there for you. I would recommend Debbie for anyone considering health coaching who wants a coach with outstanding credentials, a coach who practices optimal health, and a coach who is engaged using compassion and non-judgment.”

Justin S.

“As a Personal Trainer I try to meet my client’s health needs. We all know we have to exercise and eat correctly, but what if there is a mental block or something stopping you from pushing yourself to work harder and reach a certain goal, or even starting to exercise in the first place!? This is where I use the help of Debbie. As an Integrative Health Coach she will help you lay out a plan of action for all of your health needs and goals. She will motivate you and guide you to the path of success and on the way to a better, healthier lifestyle. From my personal experience and Debbie’s skills and education, I know that she is highly motivated in helping you get to where you want to be and has all the tools to do so!”

Krystal M.

“I have known Debbie for over 25 years. She has an ability to assess and support the needs of those who want to improve their health and well-being. Her focus is finding what makes you ‘tick’ and tapping into what matters to you! If you are trying to achieve your ‘ah-ha’ moment, you are where you need to be.”

Diane H.-B.

“Debbie is an insightful integrative health coach who combines empathetic listening skills with an uncanny ability to help others figure out what it is that is holding them back from a balanced and healthy lifestyle. She has struggled with many of the same issues herself and uses her understanding of these life challenges to educate and motivate others. She encourages you to ask yourself the tough questions and is there to help you figure out the answers. Her patience and support help you achieve what you could not achieve on your own.”

Kathryn M.

“I feel very fortunate to work with Debbie as my coach. Together we are focused on a career-oriented goal. She has helped me to identify my strengths and build on those, and to identify options that I might not have imagined on my own. She helps me feel good about the things I do well, and encourages me to try things that intimidate me. I really appreciate having regularly-scheduled conversations with her, thus requiring me to constantly assess my efforts and report my progress. Her insight offers important bias-neutral feedback, and provides clarity when I get caught up in the details. And I cannot imagine how I could have tackled this difficult task without her encouragement. I feel that with her help, I am much further down a road I might have been afraid to take on my own.”

Sam A.

“At age 73, I never thought I could be in good shape AND lose 35 pounds in the process! After talking with Debbie and figuring out what I needed to do to change my diet and exercise program, I’ve had significant results in less than five months. I was scheduled to have a cardiac stress test recently and my doctor was so impressed with my weight loss and exercise tolerance that I didn’t have to do the test. I have more energy and am able to exercise for longer periods of time, which has improved my overall health. I had to buy new clothes and my wife has lost weight too just by eating what I eat. With Debbie’s guidance, I received the structure, motivation and accountability I needed to make this change. It has been helpful having regular check-in calls with her to keep me moving in the right direction. Thank you Better Choices Health Coaching!”

Sue G.

“Debbie is such a great fit for this work. I appreciate her ability to assist me with where I needed to go through her great listening and ability to ask objective and thought provoking questions. While those questions can be difficult to get through, she does it in a way that is supportive and useful to get where I needed to be.”