“I am a Duke-trained integrative health coach. I was away from the work for several years at an unrelated job, and when I had the very welcomed opportunity to return to a coaching health job, I was worried that my skills had gotten rusty. I arranged for 3 mentoring sessions with Debbie, to help me retrieve the coaching model and skills, and to reestablish my confidence.

“Debbie’s mentoring and coaching are seamlessly present, attentive, and affirming. Her seamless and lively interest in me, conveyed through skillful inquiry, reflection, and listening, create the space for me to fruitfully explore my inner terrain of intention and confidently map my path forward. During my original 3-month engagement with Debbie to jump-start my return to coaching I experienced how nurturing skillful coaching is of my growth and development, and I’ve opted to provide myself the support of an ongoing process with her.

“Without doubt, Debbie’s coaching and mentoring demonstrate the power of skilled and presence-based coaching to support progress toward our most heart-felt aspirations. In our current world of stresses on every level, I am also aware of the necessity of this kind of support.”