Now that we are in the midst of July, many of us are vacationing and spending fun time with family and friends. Although we ususally think that summer isn’t a good time to begin a program to improve our health and wellness, it is actually a great time to do so. Why? Summer brings a bounty of amazing produce – from peaches, berries and watermelon to corn, squash, tomatoes and many other tasty and colorful fruits and vegetables. This makes it a great time of year to get our complement of fruits and vegetables into our diet; something we know is beneficial to our overall health, and it tastes good!

Summer also means the opportunity for more outdoor activities. Exploring new walking, biking and jogging paths is one of my favorite things to do in the summer months. I am fortunate to have some lovely, shaded trails in my area that I use almost daily to get my 30 or more minutes of moderate activity per day. Have you explored what gems are in your area? It might surprise you what is right down the road so talk to people who know the area or do some research on your browser for trails in your area. Do you enjoy water sports? Maybe swimming, kayaking, canoeing or other water activities are more to your liking. Being in, near or on the water can be a way you nourish your body, mind and spirit.

Take time this summer to focus on something that promotes your self-care. It could be relaxing by reading a book, walking by yourself or with someone, sitting by the water and spending time in a formal or informal mindfulness practice. If you’ve decided this summer is the time to make changes to improve your health and wellbeing and you need a plan with action steps, strategies, and accountability to help you get there, integrative health coaching is a great tool. Don’t think the summer is a wash, it can be the perfect time to focus on YOU.

What are special things you do for yourself in the summer that you may not do other times of the year? Share your ideas with us.

Deborah Lee, President and Integrative Health Coach