More than 80 percent of today’s retirees say the most important ingredient for a happy retirement is good health.  This outranked financial security at 58 percent. Ranking much lower as sources of retirement happiness are:

– Having loving family and friends (36%)

– Having purpose (20%)

– Trying new things (5%)

This is just one of the many helpful insights you’ll find in a recent report titled “Health and Retirement: Planning for the Great Unknown,” a study conducted by Merrill Lynch in collaboration with consulting and research firm Age Wave.

Here’s another finding from the study: the boomer generation has demonstrated a tendency to take control of their health and health care throughout their lives, and they will be a new type of health care consumer as they navigate their retirement years.  The study authors refer to this as a new empowered vision of health and health care.


Are you contemplating how you can have a happy, healthy retirement?

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