Effective July 10, 2014, our company has a new name: Better Choices Wellness.  In addition, we’ve launched a major overhaul of our website, including a version of our site that is optimized for mobile phone users, so be sure to check it out.


We started our company in 2011, with the goal to help empower our clients make better, smarter choices every day so they reach their health goals and make sustainable, long term change.

Our business has evolved and grown.  In addition to providing services for individual clients, we have increasingly worked with organizational clients, their teams, as well as medical practices.  We’ve partnered with other selected associates to offer an array of wellness-focused services, as well.  The upcoming online program Mindful Eating with Heart is a great example.  Our services for caregivers is another great example.

As we’ve grown and evolved, it seemed like the time to align our business name with our expanded offerings.

We are about wellness.  While integrative health coaching remains the foundation in all we do, we do more than coaching.  We felt it was time that our company’s name reflect this.

Thank you to our clients.  (Be sure to check out our testimonials.)  You have inspired us all along the way and enabled us to grow.  Thanks also to our partners.  As always, we welcome your input on how we can continually improve.  We also continue to appreciate your advocacy and referrals to your friends, family and colleagues.

We invite you to take a look at our new website!  We want our site to be as accessible as possible whether you use your computer browser or your smart phone.  With that in mind, we now have a mobile-optimized version of your site.  Please take a look and share the link with a friend.


Deborah A. Lee, PhD, RN

President, Better Choices Wellness