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“You have such a great sense of character and way of connecting with others.  I found your style to just fit everything that I needed and even maybe didn’t know I needed from words of encouragement and positive reinforcement with the work I was doing.  I know you had said along several times, it was my work, but I know I personally would not have accomplished all that I did without this personal coaching time and words of encouragement.  I never really thought about ‘coaching’ before and I am so glad to have had this wonderful and positive experience in my life.  As I said before it was perfect timing for me both personally and professionally. I did not realize how stressed and overwhelmed I was and really how off balance certain areas of my life were at the time.  I gained so many insights into where my areas of weakness were and learned to focus on small positives to work towards a new balance in my life.  I will forever be so grateful for having the most AMAZING and AWESOME COACH I could have ever dreamed of having!  You are truly wonderful and have such an amazing talent for coaching.  You have so many strengths as a coach, I could not think of anything you could change, be yourself as you are, you are wonderful!”T. W., MBA, MSN, RN

Deb was a shining light at the bottom of what started as long road I had not any success in getting onto previously. She came into my life at the right time and with her encouragement I was able to figure out what the best individual path for me would be to accomplish my own personal goals. I had joined gyms, weight loss clinics, hired personal trainers and on and on an endless array of programs to focus on just losing weight but what worked the best was a focus on my health and my daily habits. Deb helped me break the ‘pie in the sky’ into small daily goals and as I knew I would be reporting back I had to take action to have something to contribute to the conversation.  My daily outlook and life has shifted from giving up or succumbing to the couch to looking forward and feeling like I accomplished something in the right direction. Deb can be credited for helping me take charge of my health instead of leaving it in the hands of health practitioners and I have successfully stopped taking three different medications I thought I would never live without. C.B., Social Worker and Teacher

Deb was incredible!  I was at a low point in my health and mood; really needed help to change.  Deb was able to focus on what was most important to me, ask revealing and insightful questions that helped me form a plan that worked for me.  I never felt anything but support and meaningful guidance during our sessions; and between talks, used her directions/suggestions as motivators, which were highly effective.   The turning point for me was when I realized I just got up and got on the treadmill every morning without the self-talk…. ‘I’m too tired, my legs hurt, gotta’ get to work.’  I just realized walking daily had become a habit I was able to sustain.  Thank you, Deb……you are REALLY good at what you do!P.S., PhD, RN

For 58 years I have only known one way to live my life, but now I know it is I who can change the cycle of dieting and regaining weight.  However It's not about what I have lost, 14 lbs in 10 weeks, it's what I have gained!
For 37 years of married life I have taken care of everyone except myself.  Though sessions with Debbie I have learned it is not selfish to take care of yourself, but a necessity in order to go on caring for others.  Being able to voice my thoughts in my sessions has given me the confidence to be able to set boundaries with those I love so I may have the time to take care of myself. I now have the courage to ask those I love to help, or walk with me on the road to good health. I now know if you want others to respect you, you must set the example by respecting yourself. Thank you Debbie, You are not just my coach, but  you will always be my Angel on my shoulder. K.N., USAK.N., USA

My place of employment offered programs to assist with lifestyle change for good health. Debbie was assigned to be my health coach. Thanks to her I was able to change my lifestyle to help me become a healthier and happier person.  She listened to my challenges and needs and was so very supportive. She helped me develop a program that I can maintain for long-term health. Because of her support, I have lost weight and now exercise regularly.   I.A., USAI.A., USA

Debbie is able to help you get to the bottom of your road blocks. Usually those blocks are self induced. She helps you discover them and even find your own solutions with guidance. This guidance makes it easier and more doable on a personal level. The road blocks just become slight bumps along the path. She helps you plan your life choices and achieve realistic goals.K.B., Canada

Deborah is very thorough in asking the questions that need to be asked in order to bring out the response to motivate the person in the right direction.  It was very helpful in my process for change.  She is very patient and listens to the client to help them with their needs.  I would highly recommend her.  I was very happy I decided to do this and the results were better than I expected!A.H., Massage Therapist, USA

Debbie is such a great fit for this work.  I appreciate her ability to assist me with where I needed to go through her great listening and ability to ask objective and thought provoking questions.  While those questions can be difficult to get through, she does it in a way that is supportive and useful to get where I needed to be.S.G., MPH, USA

At age 73, I never thought I could be in good shape AND lose 35 pounds in the process! After talking with Debbie and figuring out what I needed to do to change my diet and exercise program, I've had significant results in less than five months. I was scheduled to have a cardiac stress test recently and my doctor was so impressed with my weight loss and exercise tolerance that I didn't have to do the test. I have more energy and am able to exercise for longer periods of time, which has improved my overall health. I had to buy new clothes and my wife has lost weight too just by eating what I eat. With Debbie's guidance, I received the structure, motivation and accountability I needed to make this change. It has been helpful having regular check-in calls with her to keep me moving in the right direction. Thank you Better Choices Health Coaching!S.A., USA

I feel very fortunate to work with Debbie as my coach. Together we are focused on a career-oriented goal. She has helped me to identify my strengths and build on those, and to identify options that I might not have imagined on my own. She helps me feel good about the things I do well, and encourages me to try things that intimidate me. I really appreciate having regularly-scheduled conversations with her, thus requiring me to constantly assess my efforts and report my progress. Her insight offers important bias-neutral feedback, and provides clarity when I get caught up in the details. And I cannot imagine how I could have tackled this difficult task without her encouragement. I feel that with her help, I am much further down a road I might have been afraid to take on my own.K.M. RN,BSN Germany

Debbie is an insightful integrative health coach who combines empathetic listening skills with an uncanny ability to help others figure out what it is that is holding them back from a balanced and healthy lifestyle. She has struggled with many of the same issues herself and uses her understanding of these life challenges to educate and motivate others. She encourages you to ask yourself the tough questions and is there to help you figure out the answers. Her patience and support help you achieve what you could not achieve on your own.DHB, PhD, RN, Clinical Nurse Specialist

I have known Debbie for over 25 years. She has an ability to assess and support the needs of those who want to improve their health and well-being. Her focus is finding what makes you 'tick' and tapping into what matters to you! If you are trying to achieve your 'ah-ha' moment, you are where you need to be.K.M., Wellness Nurse, RN, BSN, MSHSA

As a Personal Trainer I try to meet my client's health needs. We all know we have to exercise and eat correctly, but what if there is a mental block or something stopping you from pushing yourself to work harder and reach a certain goal, or even starting to exercise in the first place!? This is where I use the help of Debbie. As an Integrative Health Coach she will help you lay out a plan of action for all of your health needs and goals. She will motivate you and guide you to the path of success and on the way to a better, healthier lifestyle. From my personal experience and Debbie's skills and education, I know that she is highly motivated in helping you get to where you want to be and has all the tools to do so!J.S., Personal Trainer, USA

Debbie’s professional experience and education in the field of nursing in addition to her past career responsibilities which were broad and required a highly motivated, organized, and thoughtful person unfolded in her coaching style. She comes to the table to help you reach your health goals. She is there for you. I would recommend Debbie for anyone considering health coaching who wants a coach with outstanding credentials, a coach who practices optimal health, and a coach who is engaged using compassion and non-judgment.CS, RN, MEd, USA

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