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    Need to get un stuck?
    We can help.

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    Get more traction with
    your firm’s wellness program.

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    You CAN make changes to improve
    your health and wellbeing.

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    Integrative health coaching gets
    results. We can show you how.

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    Caring for others but not for you? We help health care professionals.

Enabling Healthy, Sustainable Change

We help people make long-lasting, sustainable lifestyle change to reach their goals for healthy and satisfying lives.  This is about health and wellness, work-life balance and more. Your health is more than your numbers (weight, blood pressure, or lab results).  Everything in your life impacts your health and wellness.  We help you incorporate lifestyle changes that take into account your life, because in order for changes to be sustainable, they must fit with YOUR life.

We Get Results

Studies confirm that people who use integrative health coaching, realize more profound health benefits than those who don’t. We empower our personal and organizational clients to get results. Read our testimonials to get an idea of some of the great results our clients have achieved.

Why Better Choices Wellness?

Ours is an academically-grounded practice. We form a solid foundation of confidence and trust, and use proven tools and methods with individual and organizational clients across the globe. How can we help you?

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